Josiah Venture Kids

When I moved to Chicago in 2013 to study Children's Ministry at Moody, I never expected that I would get to return to the Czech Republic after graduating. It's really happening though!! The Lord surprises us.

I am thrilled to be coming on staff with Josiah Venture as a JV Kid Ministry Specialist by the end of 2017! I love these JVK dearly, and I can't wait to serve them and their families.

As I prepare for this next step, I am beginning to see how all of the pieces of my past and present are being put together for what's ahead. These JV Kids are also Third Culture Kids, whom the Lord has given unique experiences and challenges. Stay tuned for the continuation of this adventure with the Lord and with his people!

We are praying for a movement of God in Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society. Would you like to join God's work across these dear countries by partnering with me in the ministry of Josiah Venture?

If you'd like to hear more about what I'll be doing specifically, or would like to receive my newsletters and updates, support JV with your prayers or financially, you can send me an e-mail at, or visit the JV website for more info by clicking here: Claire's JV Bio.

I look forward to what God has in store next! The journey is just beginning, and yet it is a story God has been weaving together for years.

A photo of JV Kids from 1997! Can you spot me? (Front row on the left!)


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