Wednesday, October 1, 2014

David and All Sons

God has a way of knowing just what His children need and providing just when He knows will be best. Tonight, I was blessed by an unexpected gift and had a ticket in my hand for a concert held in the House of Blues.

I happened to see a message come through on a Facebook page this morning that a friend of mine who works with Moody's Campus Radio had received 20 tickets to give away for the "Neon Steeple" concert, which was happening this very night.

I'm not usually one to jump on spontaneous chances, but it just seemed right to say "yes" to this one, so I responded right away and later that day received one of the tickets for the concert. Thank you, Lord! Someone had provided these tickets for Moody students, and I am grateful.

I walked over with a few friends to the House of Blues and we stood surrounded by a crowd of people, awaiting the evening. The rest of the night was filled with praise and worship of the Lord.

All Sons and Daughters played first - so good. Their harmonies are stunning and they humbly praised God. Then David Crowder came on stage with his band and brought energy and life and creativity. He was fully himself, and it was refreshing! To sing the songs that I grew up with here in Chicago along with David Crowder was amazing to me. His new songs were just as great too. I'm impressed, and loved seeing the Lord through these musicians.

We sang the classic David Crowder songs, but they also sang some surprising songs like one from Avicci, Don't You Worry Child and a few others that we all knew in different contexts. Somehow it all flowed together though and made a joyous celebration and beautiful picture of Christ and the church.

David Crowder is a "character" (as Bapa would say!), but he but his own spin and style on things, which was fun and unexpected.

God is loving and yet He is King. He is merciful, yet he is mighty. He is the Sacrificial Servant and He rules in the heavens. He amazes me.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Scavenger Hunt

We had a "Bro-Sis" event on Sunday: a Photo-Video scavenger hunt in the city. Although this may sound cliche, it was still fun to look at the city through a different lens. Scavenger hunts give you the excuse to talk to strangers and do silly things.

I have lots of photos from yesterday, but until I have time to work through them, here's a little video from one of the challenges. The goal? Order something at a restaurant in three different accents. This guy at the hotdog stand was friendly and even totally played along! So great.


More photos to come!

(They were also giving out free hotdogs. So if you're ever choosing between Ballpark's Finest and another hotdog brand, go for these. The people were awesome, and so were the hotdogs!)

Friday, September 26, 2014

He Speaks

My real and honest prayer today: Lord, let me love the city the way you do. 

God loves his creation. He loves the trees and the birds and the roses and the blue sky. But you know what he also finds pleasure in? The creativity of the people He created. And the city is full of that creativity. 

I had to repent today for not praising Him for this side of His creation. It's easy for me to admire the crisp yellow leaves that crunch beneath my feet. It's harder for me, personally, to love the concrete sidewalk or the neatly lined up buildings. The grid of Chicago is glorifying to God because it illustrates order and ingenuity. Each coffee shop can be glorifying to God as it displays uniqueness and craft. 

So it's not just about the yellow leaves. Yes, I needed fresh air and trees today after an overwhelming week. But just as much, I need God to convict me of not seeing things through His eyes as well.

This whole process of waiting for the "L" train, walking through the neighborhood to get to the coffee shop, settling in and working on a paper and the familiar trip back to Moody allowed me space to think. Slowing down and having this time is more important than I realize. I used to cook and bake and that gave me time to think. Now I have to find that time differently - like maybe by sitting outside, waking up just a little bit earlier in the morning, and walking places whenever I can.

Lord, continue to humble me and show me yourself through being here in the city. I'm thankful for this gentle nudging from Him and how He can speak through His Word, circumstances and creation today.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014


On a day when a walk through the countryside with a doggy trotting nearby would do me some good, here are a few throwback pictures of Czech. It's a place that brings refreshment to my soul and comfort.

The city brings learning, community and growth, but is not a peaceful haven. That's ok. It's a season of life. But these photos remind me that there is a season for everything, and that's right. God knows what He's doing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Floor Photos

This is my floor: Smith 4. These are the lovely faces I pass by in the halls, greet in the kitchen as I make tea and live in daily community with. It was such a pleasure capturing some of them on a Sunday afternoon.

These are some of the girls who are new to Moody this year, whether Freshmen or Transfers.

This is our RA, Brynna, and Kelley (assistant to the RA).